Eclectic Halloween Wedding at the Guru in Baton Rouge, LA

Nicole + Clarke got married over Halloween weekend last year in Baton Rouge, and it was seriously one of my favorite weddings to-date!

Their celebration was held at The Guru in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which served as a perfect backdrop to their eclectic + romantic wedding which also doubled as a costume party!

When Nicole mentioned it was going to be a Halloween themed wedding with costumes, I thought I might see some guests “dressed up” as cats.. you know, simple cat ears on a headband with little whiskers drawn on with eyeliner. To my surprise, not only were there no cats in attendance, the costumes were simply INCREDIBLE. Their guests costumes were next level – from the actual costumes themselves to the make up involved, I was genuinely impressed.

Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was when the dance floor opened up. Maybe it was the costumes or the steady flow of adult beverages, but it was a sight to see everyone dressed up and dancing with zero inhibitions. Nicole also changed into this super slinky and sparkly black dress that reminded me of a spooky mermaid for the remainder of the night!

If I had to describe Nicole + Clarke’s Halloween and costume party-inspired wedding in a few words, the words that come to mind are: Out of the ordinary, spooky, romantic, and of course, FUN.

Check out their DIY Halloween wedding decor + all of the costumes below!



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