Race & Religious Bridal Session – New Orleans, Louisiana

Getting to shoot Alyssa’s pre-bridal portraits at Race & Religious in New Orleans was a dream come true for me!

I actually stumbled upon Race + Religious before I was a full – time wedding photographer by chance. It was about 3 months after we moved to Louisiana and I was doing a couple’s session – we had met up at Urban South first for drinks and were going to drive around until a spot caught our eye. We drove by this super cute building/spot (which turned out to be Race & Religious) and stopped off to take photos in the area. When I got home, I googled the place and realized not only was Race & Religious a wedding venue, but like… a super cool wedding venue!

Since moving to the New Orleans area I’ve yet to shoot a full wedding at Race and Religious (though I am DYING to!), so I totally geeked out on getting to shoot Alyssa’s pre-bridals here!

Alyssa also had some of her immediate family join her bridal session for photos too! Her grandpa’s reaction to seeing her in her dress was priceless 😀

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to hold an intimate ceremony or wedding celebration while things are still a bit weird, check out Race & Religious for their micro wedding options!



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