Intimate Summer Backyard Wedding // Ann Arbor, MI // Lauren + Aiden

Lauren + Aiden got married at the end of the Summer in her grandparents backyard. With larger weddings being off the table right now, I know there are a lot of couples considering to go the “small & intimate” route with their weddings, so I wanted to provide some visuals to what that could look like if you do! This blog is FULL of details (a bunch at the bottom, scroll all the way down!!) so you can see just how beautiful a wedding at home can be!

L+A’s intimate backyard wedding was whimsical, locally sourced and most importantly- relaxed. Since they were getting married in their own home, they were able to move through the day on their own timeline without fear of being kicked out or running over the allotted time they “rented” for.

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was their “exit” from the ceremony! Because they were getting married outside, the chose an eco-friendly option for the confetti toss and tossed bird seed as the two walked out together as married.

Another favorite part of this backyard wedding for me was that Lauren and Aiden were able to include their pup Ridge in the whole day – including their ceremony AND their wedding portraits!

Lastly, their reception set up in the front of their grandparent’s house was the absolute cutest! It was intimate, full of greenery and of course, great food! They also had an art station for the kiddos too which I thought was a great idea!

I absolutely love intimate weddings like this, especially in the couples home or backyard because it allows for customization that is hard to get when at a traditional venue.

I know times aren’t exactly “ideal” right now, but I promise there ARE still ways to have an incredible day 🙂

The front of the beautiful home that hosted Lauren + Aiden’s backyard wedding!

Lauren’s dad waits for her to come out of her bridal suite!

The sweet backyard wedding set up!

This is the birdseed that Lauren + Aiden’s guest threw in the air as they exited the ceremony!

One of the sweetest first looks I’ve witnessed!



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