Home // Baton Rouge In-Home Session // Sydney + Stanley

(Before I go further please rest assured this session happened months ago)

I love in home sessions. Second to a wedding day, they are my favorite thing to shoot. It’s hard to be anything but yourself inside your home. You merely sit. You exist. You let me capture and reflect the remarkable beauty that is you while resisting the urge to look a certain way, or do a certain thing. I know it’s vulnerable and for that I thank you for letting me in and letting me see you. The question that I hope to answer with in home sessions: what do I see that you may not see just yet? And if you do see it, what do you need to be reminded of?

Sydney + Stanley: I’ve said it before and will repeat – your story is moving and you are two incredibly resilient and lovely humans. I am truly thankful to have been let in to your home and lives. Thank you for letting me into your home. It is always the greatest honor. I’m rooting for you.

I hope everyone is staying safe and finding something that makes you laugh everyday while you are at home. If you’re not at home and out on the front lines, thank you.



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