Romantic Fontainebleau State Park Bridal Photos -Mandeville, LA Taylor + James

Taylor and James were one of my Black Friday give away winners and I could not have been more excited to meet up with them! Upon initial stalking of these two, I quickly found that both Taylor and I are social workers, and both our husbands are engineers! Both Taylor and James are also huge dog people, which if you know me, automatically gets you into my “good people” categorization 🙂 Also, if you are wondering if I stalk all of my clients, the answer is 100% yes, every time 🙂

I travelled to the North Shore of the greater New Orleans area to meet up with these two. We started off with drinks at the Barley Oak (which, is dog-friendly, by the way!!) before heading over the Fontainebleau State Park. Though I love shooting in funkiness that the downtown districts of New Orleans offers, being from Michigan and my husband from Hawaii, we are both major outdoors and water folks. Showing up to Fontainebleau State Park and seeing a beautiful beach felt like a little sliver of home for the both of us.

When Taylor and I first got connected, she asked if we could do some photos of her in her wedding dress – and I thought that was an excellent idea. I mean, look at this woman – she is absolutely stunning and has angel hair that I was low key obsessed with (that’s why I there are so many photos of the back of her head haha). After some bridal photos in her wedding dress, we played around on the beach and got some romantic shore-front shots. The lighting at the time was a solid 10/10 making them both look more like models than they already do.

Note from the Photographer: If you are a photographer or a couple looking to have more “nature-y” photos and live in the New Orleans area, Fontainebleau State Park is an excellent option! There is a vast variety of scenery, and has everything from gorgeous shore lines, tropical forest and stunning oak trees.

Dress: Martina Liana, Style NO: 744



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